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More information about Human Verification

You might be thinking what is this human verification step? So, let me tell you. In order to protect our tool from unwanted automated bots we have installed this anti-bot step. No bots can pass this test. But as we don’t know who is the user that is accessing this tool you also have to complete this test to prove that you are a human. It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete it so please co-operate.

How to use the Tanki Online Generator?

Well, if you are thinking that you will need to do some technical stuff to hack the Tanki Online game then you are wrong. Using our Tanki online cheats for crystals tool is easy as pie. You just have to follow 5 easy steps to get your free gold and crystals. So, let’s look at those steps.
  1. Open the Tanki Online Generator by clicking on the links provided on our page.

  2. Enter your Tanki Online username in the Generator

  3. Enter the amount of gold and crystals you want.

  4. Click on Generate!

  5. Complete the human verification step and done!

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